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Monday, May 08, 2006

Moved into Wordpress

Hi to fellow regular readers..

I have just shifted to wordpress..Well from the day i saw wordpress API,i was impressed but i havent thought of moving from blogger.. But my new friend Thilak insisted me to switch over to wordpress & said that transistion is easy with a help of a tool.. So i created a demo account & within 10 minutes all my posts including comments were into wordpress..The thing i found impressive about wordpress was the category & recent comments which help a lot..surveys show categories increase readership by 40% & recent comments is such a nice feature for the blog owner.

I found these things difficult in wordpress,inspite of these disadvantages i still leave blogger & will continue only here..
  1. Templates cannot be previewed or manually changed
  2. Couldnt have those firefox ads as they contain pic & is not allowed by WP

But still i prefer this wordpress template.. its amazing..

Hope to provide u better writings...

This is my last post on blogger..Hope to c u soon at wordpress

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Birth story of my 'computer life'

Part 1 Well I was a guy with zero planning on future..I take things as N when it comes during school days..Till ninth std,I had no idea of wat i would be..i wanted to be an electrical engg simply coz my grandpa was one..so at starting of tenth std,my dad told there are 3 branches in 11th.. Comp MPC, Bio MPC ,Commerce,Since i was worst in art,i hated biology which my sis has told me contains lot of pictures..So my dad told get good marks to get a compsci seat.Those days i was dumb in math,avg scorer in others(65%) as i used to concentrate more on my TT & video games..I just studied only day b4 exams[even now same case]. The first time i saw comp was at my mom's office during my 7th std where she let me to type something after opening m$-word[simply coz she doesnt know anythin else in computers].I have played the game solitaire in my cousins house, but i dont even know how to open the game.. Class 10 was over.. 4 months holidays..i was just spending those days watching movies & playing TT in nights.. many of my friends went for a computer course in UNIX,C,C++.. since they all were newbee to computers they learnt everything frm scratch incl basics,office etc..The result was out..i scored just 74%.. since the usual cutoff for compsci 80%,i thought i wouldnt get a compsci seat..So my dad insisted me to go for a course..i was reluctant..finally i joined in SSi for a course on UNIX,C,C++. Since some of the batchmates knew basics of computer,they started with shell,kernel N abt UNIX stuff like that..i was lost in jungle..Then i asked the staff to teach me right from scratch..First unix classes i just noted down those commands written on board.. tried them in lab session without any knowledge..Then we comp illitrates were having a seperate class on basics,HTML,Office.. i liked that class very much.. By the time UNIX course has ended & we moved into C..asusual i typed the programs written on board.. We had a lot of fun in the lab.. since it was 24hrs lab.. N we ppl having no other job will goto the lab & do all things other than covering the portions taught..Making powerpoint presentations,playing TD6 in the lab,hearts in network,sending mails,msgs in the unix environment... One fine day i was caught by the centre head while playing games..so he asked me to write a C program [i donno something silly with arrays]..i said i donno.. N also said that i was just typing out the programs N dont have ability to write on my own..he adviced me for half an hour..he gave wat is life blah blah blah which at tat point i took in one ear N left it out through other..i asked my sister abt the program as she had already studied C C++[she was also school topper in good old compsci syllabui of dBase,Lotus etc]..she told me something,i read the book.. next day i did try something out on lab.. all of which actually ended up in a failing note only.. I was taking C C++ lightly at tat time, N was concentrating on HTML more as it was on compsci syllabui..it was easy.. after a long time when the list was put up by the school. thank god i got compsci as many toppers prefered bio..There was still a month to go before school opens..so i started designing something using HTML..Those were crorepati days..so i just made a simulation of the same using HTML linking webpages..then school days started..we still dint complete the course..[supposed to b a 3 months course but we did it for record 8 months.. as we did all sorts of nonsense other than attending classes N allowing staff to complete.. Since i knew the basics,i was one among the very few in the class who has seen computers before 11th..intro to windows.. HTML were cakewalk.. it was during C, that i got the concepts wat i learnt in SSi came to my help.. I began to understand how the program works..Started writing those small ones[comparing 2 no..s,sorting] on my own..I was the only guy in that class who used write programs on own.. I was the only one who learnt BASIC frm 11th std math N wasted 4 days to try a program which would convert any given no into words..[1700 line code]..but one of my school sir told the same can be done in 100 line C code..I got a nice bulb...I had a very nice interaction with my compsci staff Ms.Sujatha Pradan,Mr.TamilVendan & my math sir Mr.Ramachandran who not only raised my math skills but also thought me how to think analytically.. Again for 12th std we went to Aptech,this time since SSi was running on loss,it was closed[if guys like us join,wat else will a centre do :P],So this time StarOffice,VB,Java, spl course based on 12th syllabui..StarOffice was a cakewalk..we knew MS Office na..next it was VB.. it was awesome to work in VB..did a small graphic app in that which draws a heart[basic idea took frm 12th book,extended to do some graphics,like drawing an arrow between 2 hearts].Then came java,to tell the truth i hated java those days simply coz it was OOP, & we dint learn C++ properly in SSi course[we never learnt sincerely there].but since the syllabui was mostly based on 11th std C,again it was cake walk for me.. this time many joined course with me,so i had some competition in my class but still we never had time in those unforgettable days.Btw my studies in state board got improved..my math was helping me a lot..i even got 2nd rank in my class once..[never thought of it,after getting 18th rank in 11th std].So 12th was over..Luckily i got into SSNCE with Comp as my branch..so the journey goes on.. meet u on part2 where i will tell about my experiences in my coll which kindled even more interest

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Orkut-->Reality perspective

Just got a mail about the modern youth's favourite hangout.. just thought of sharing it..I too had a similar view,still support certain views in this.. A place called 'Orkut' Cover-Story Named after its creator "Orkut Büyükkökten" a Turkish engineer working at google, Orkut is one of the most popular chat sites on the Internet. Orkut was launched on 22nd January 2004 and gained popularity almost immediately. It was able to attract 1,000,000 people by July 2004 and by September in the same year, the number of its users reached 2,000,000! Haseeb points out the pitfalls faced by people who use orkut. By Haseeb Ahmed A ceremonial click on Yahoo Mail on Yahoo's main page is how I normally start using the net. What next? Msn? Surprisingly the answer is a big no! I have had enough fights with my friends through that devil of a messenger! Orkut? Definitely! For the more naïve ones amongst us, it is an online community connecting people through a network of trusted friends (or so the website claims!) When I first got to hear about Orkut, I was all excited and geared up! I wanted to join it at the earliest. However, it was not until a friend invited me to join that I could finally make my profile on Orkut and start adding people to my friends' list. On the onset, I wasn't a frequent user and didn't join many Communities (or groups as you may call them). My main interest lay in seeing whether any new people added me or not, besides any new scraps (messages) I might have. Being able to renew contacts with old school and college mates, it was nothing short of a joyride. I remained on the lookout for coming across familiar faces and names. After the passage of some time, I started joining communities. That too by the dozen! If it wasn't about French fries it was about Brain Teasers. Be it NUST or PAF College Faisal Karachi, I had to join them all. It seemed like I was on a mad rush to increase the number of communities I was a member of! Then came a phase when I rationalized. I was spending way too much time on Orkut. Meeting old friends and acquaintances was exhilarating, but was it worth it? I mean, except for a few occasional scraps here and there, the front was all silent. There was no real contact between us. We had moved on with our lives and there was precious little that was common between us now. Standing at different places in life, we could no longer relate; the charm of interaction in real life was clearly missing. Being a member of the countless communities was no fun either. I hardly went to these communities or checked out what was happening there. I was also inundated with messages of joining yet more communities or voting for others to become Mr. or Miss Orkut/Pakistan/USA.... It took out the fizzle from the ecstasy of frequenting Orkut. I was disillusioned, but I wasn't alone either. There were lots of friends of mine who felt the same. Based on our collective thoughts and deliberations, I reached the following conclusions. Orkut is a wastage of time Once you log onto Orkut, there is no end to the time you'd spend there. It could range from forty-five minutes to an hour or even more. You'd go about checking your scraps and replying to the ones you wish to. You'd be checking out the profiles of many, especially of those who've added you to their lists. If you happen to be the founder of one or more communities, you would be visiting your communities as well. Then there are times when the site doesn't open your required page inscribing 'Bad server, no donut for you'. You have to try again and again. Without realizing, it easily takes up half an hour of your time. Half an hour of your life wasted! No big deal! But multiply it with 30 and then tell me if it matters to you or not. The same time could have been utilized in some meaningful activity but it's not to be. There's no privacy Imagine a place where everyone can know all about you. Your likes and dislikes. Your messages. Your friends' names, their views and extent of your closeness with them. Even your pictures are not secure. Anyone can peep into them and send you stupid messages afterwards. In fact, many of my female associates were bound to take off their display pictures or photo albums owing to misuse of their photos by senseless guys. Given such circumstances, how can anyone feel comfortable or safe! Orkut is not proper form of communication I haven't been able to stay in touch with my old mates and fellows through Orkut. Their presence is indicated by my friends' list only. We hardly scrap each other. There would be many who would claim to have found their lost friends and chums through this website. But by and large the case is otherwise. Even when we stumble across old class fellows and friends the relations are not so warm and cordial. Believe it or not but we all have different priorities in life and time cannot be rewinded - no matter how hard we try! As for your other friends, you can very well chat with them over Msn or call them up if you feel like talking to them. There's no point in scrapping them on Orkut if they're just a call or sms away. Yes, we agree that a night before a project submission Orkut is a viable communication option if your messenger is not working, but do remember that such occasions are rare. We could be overjoyous on getting a certain scrap, too, but it still lacks the personal touch of a call or sms. Moreover, it could be days before we log onto Orkut and see the intended message. It's thus not a channel of instant communication either, unless the other person checks his mail and scraps every half an hour! It is irksome If your Orkut experience can be summed up in a nutshell it would be 'irksome'. How else would you explain guys tipping girls on this website? Go to the scraps portion of any female friend of yours and you are bound to come across superficial messages like 'Hey, this is Asim from Lahore. You are cool. Wanna be friends?' or 'I am Ahmad. I live in Karachi. You also live in Karachi. So why not meet up sometime?' This harassment is going on with single and married females alike. A lot of my female colleagues and friends are wary of Orkut for this very reason. "I don't go to Orkut anymore as I hate getting all those stupid and nosy friendship messages from guys. I haven't even put up a picture, yet I get such annoying messages regularly," one female confided in me. Your frustration definitely knows no bounds, guys! How can you expect a girl to 'be friends' or 'meet up' a total stranger? Don't you think you're moving too fast? And what does sending such messages to every other girl on the website reflect? Is female companionship the sole purpose of your life? Put in the shoes of those girls how would you feel? Come on, guys, give the poor girls a break. Life's not a mushy romantic movie. You need to find the purpose of your life and learn to respect all those around you and not hound them day in and day out. The only way forward is mutual respect between the sexes, trust Us! Nothing short of a 'popularity contest' I have no objection to allowing people to add me as friend. Some of them turn out to be old friends and associates. Others are my readers and fans who wish to correspond with me or know me better. I appreciate all of them. However, I am not willing to let anyone add me for the sake of adding. You come across many people having friend-count up to 1000 or more. Are all these people their friends? No way! Most of them are randomly added just to increase the friends' list and then show off to the world how popular they are. You would even find girls from Brazil, Italy and France added in their lists. I have even found people scrapping me: 'Hey, I added you but I don't know you. So who are you?' There are those too who forget after adding me and ask me why did I add them? Got the point people??? Communities!!! Why is everyone so pushed to form communities of their own? Today I ask you all. Everyday I get atleast ten requests to join communities. "Air force ke cheetay", "Leather Belts", "Lahori Food" so on and so forth! Why force people to join your community? Spreading the word around is fine but this is crude! Why can't these people limit themselves to publicizing their communities on other communities' message boards? And frankly speaking I find most communities indulging in frivolities like 'Rate the person above you and complete the story'. In a nutshell Summing it up, I would say that I am neither against Orkut nor its usage. It is rather an innovative idea of bringing people together. I am only against its purposeless use resulting in wastage of precious time, especially of students who need to focus elsewhere. Moreover, such websites are no good in our local environment where we haven't learnt to respect the privacy and freedom of others. We discriminate on the basis of gender and try to force ourselves onto others without rhyme or reason. Doesn't it speak volumes about our obsession of getting others to like us and forcing our opinions down the throats of others? Why can't we accept that there would always be those who would dislike us? Until and unless we learn to respect the choices others make for themselves, sites like Orkut are bound to cause trouble and discomfort to the large majority of its users, especially females. END OF MAIL Some of the reasons why i ask "do u yahoo!! gimme ur id" to a newly found lost friend.. N start chatting there...I will write my orkut experiences both positive & negative in a few days..

Saturday, April 29, 2006

தமிழில் என் எழுத்துக்க்ள்

தமிழ் நண்பர்களே, இது நான் தமிழில் எழுதும் முதல் கிருக்கல்.. இனி வாரம் இரு பதிவு என்ற என் இலக்கோடு, மாதம் ஒரு தமிழ் பதிவாவது எழுத முயலுவேன். நீங்களும் தமிழில் எழுத யுனிகோடு முறையை பயன்படுத்துங்கள். விவரங்களுக்கு இப்பக்கத்தை பார்க்க

Election fever in TamilNadu

With elections round the corner,being a first time voter,one who follows politics for more than 7 years now,Im yet to decide on whom to vote: These are the thoughts running on my mind when i think abt these parties.. Let me do an analysis on some factors.. What if DMK(+) comes into power?
  1. As he said rice has to be given for 2Rs,free TV,free Land,scrapping of Loans with interest, but all these at what cost.. eventually the govts exchequer is gonna be 0 soon.. :(
  2. There will be some vindictive action against the current govt, & this may lead to no developmental activity or any usefull thing done atleast till the next LokSabha elections come.
  3. On the otherhand, people wont be troubled like in the previous rule,but the developments will be slow,silent,but yet they will happen,Coz they have to show something on Sun TV na...
What if ADMK(+) comes into power?
  1. Again if they come to power,atleast half of thier copied manifesto which again will cost exchequer heavily as already she has spent a huge chunk by giving cycles, Rs.2000 free for flood affected etc..
  2. For god sake there wont be any vindictive action,the current cases against DMK will continue in a slow manner, & those against 1991-96 govt will continue even slower..
  3. Guess she wont be torturing people like she did previous time saying "arasu gajaana gaali aaga irukku", but still her autocratic rule will continue,developments will be little faster,but again since she wont cooperate with centre,that will bring down the pace..
Im leaving out chances for DMDK... comeon people be realistic its first election,let them aim at trying to get double digit seats & atleast 4 digit votes in all seats. About Lok Paritan,I wish they retain the deposit in all areas they contest..One reason being the seats they are contesting for already has a heavy competition & also Coz the "student" support they claim wont actually turn them big,coz sms,mails,orkut alone cant bring some into victory.. moreover i was sad that they chose only "educated" areas that too in city.They must have acted fast,gathered people and stood atleast in all the cities in tamilnadu,that would have got atleast a greater attention towards them.And like any other educated IITian/IIM they never focus on rural areas.. If you are into politics then goto rural places, coz no.. of educated who vote is very less & u cant ask people who generally dont vote to vote by ur "educated" campaign.Here is one post by my friend casanova on LP . Coming onto my view on the 2001-06 govt & 2004-current centre.. Well 2001-2004 was with 0 development in TamilNadu... not much in stake for people like us..what made worse was the dumbest education policy,govt employees strike,anti conversion law(still exists mind you),attack on media,satisfying personal interests, vendetta.. For all this people gave a benchmark judgement, 40/40(39/39-TN).But after that govt has become very kind..handling of tsunami,floods were indeed good.. better roads all over the state.(only in last yr of 5 years mind you).But the people from centre(13 dumba** as called by current ...) have indeed done some work. The thing about alliance & star power.. This has indeed created bubbles in the already hot politics, Vaiko shifting sides, Sarathkumar changing sides for some strange reason,Visu entering politics into ADMK coz of sniff in SunTV.Simran joining ADMK(lol y does she enter this arena.. not her cup of coffee),Vijaya TR(aka LDMK founder aka dandanakka man) joining hands again with MK,1 Crore drama with my thalaivar kamal[good that he kept away] ......lot of drama which first had our GAPTAN entering the frey after a long wait..Guess these factors will contribute only very little fraction to the final mandate Its gonna be stiff competition & election(/)climate is getting very hot... days to come will be more interesting.... read the disclaimer for those people who wish to pounce on for the stuff written,though ur comments on a democratic mode is always welcome.. Btb its my study hols.. so have to start studying.. No more 2 posts per week though i may write when i feel bored..

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Web 2.0 a brief vision

Well in the late 90's the WWW or Web1.0 had changed lives of millions. It helped in numerous ways which is almost a never ending list.. E-Mail Chat Shopping Information gathering Airline Reservations at a click News e-governance Sharing entertainment [ said its never ending list.. so leaving it here] Well offlate the web has focussed more on individual users as an entity rather than an organisation/enterprise. So then came blogs/wikis which can provide as much & even more valuable information.But the problem is the way these data are organised.Its fragmented to a very large extent.. We still find google useless as it doesnt understand our exact needs & gives u millions of pages,none of which we have interest. Ben Hunt writes abt Web 2.0--The future of social web experienece. Well in todays world ppl find it difficult to share huge data[not those copyrighted ones which can be easily obtained in many illegal ways] between thier peers,sync them.Sooner or later there is gonna be an architecture in which all ur files are on a webspace & ur local hdd will become a cache of it..[Not to mention the bandwidth then..everyone will b on T1 line :) !!]. So no problems of syncing data when u travel.. Already Online products are on web with Microsoft Office Live,Windows Live, Google has brought writley-The Web Word Processor couple of spreadsheets s/w too is online now i guess. Any article abt Web2.0 doesnt exist without mentioning abt AJAX. To get a touch N feel experience try Google Suggest. Dion Hinchcliffe writes in depth abt Web2.0 in his blog.This post by him on Web2.0-State of Web made me exploring what exactly web 2.0 will be in future. 10 years down the line we will be talking of Web 3.0 or even higher versions.. thats IT for you...Change is only permanent in this industry & no one can guess the pace easily..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

3 powers tag

Tagged by Knowledge & Expression What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you'd like. And try to be imaginative.... 1) Before i eat something,i must be in a position to say i like the taste of it,so that if i dont like it,i wont eat it & waste the food.. Im very particular about taste.... 2) I must be able to fly to home & sit in my PC & return back to same place if i need to wait in a Queue for long time... I hate waiting.... 3) I Must have a brain which can view the movie upon seeing the poster itself(i know its old... pattinathil bootham technique. but still a nice one) I tag all those who read this blog... @Knowledge & Expression: atlast i wrote the tag quicker...